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ULTRAVIOLENCE: Fear stalks the land!
VULTURES: Mouths are empty like our heads!
IDIOTQUÉ: Down is the new up!
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Mr. Gosling by numberoneblind

Deviant interview

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 2:31 AM

Here we are!

First thank you for all the great questions!

Here are the answers!

Q: When did you decide to model, and how did you become comfortable enough to do the artful shots without clothing and such? 

If you weren't a model, what would you be?

A: First I don't like my body. 

I guess I had huge problems with my female self. 

It was not easy for me, but I guess it was a special way to learn more about me and see myself in another way. 

My first shooting was with Anpix, we made artistic nude for the first time. 

It was very special for me and a strange situation, but also nice and good. 

I am not really a model, I am just a normal woman and work as doctors assistant, I make music, write poems and do a lot of crazy nerd stuff.  

But when I could change my situation I would be a social worker, actress and have my own music site! 

Oh and I would be a cowboy half day!

Q: Which are youf fav number and colours?

A: My favorite number is 42 and my favorite color is green!

Q: In the event of a fire, what one personal possession would you rescue, and what would the significance of that possession be?

A: I am a symbolizing person... so I guess it would be very very hard for me to choose one! 

First I would rescue my two cats and my four snails. I have african achatina. 

Then I would take Nunu, my cuddly cushion.

Both are very important to me. Yes, first one cause there are living friends of mine and Nunu, 

cause he is my companion since I was a little girl.

He looks amazing, like a little bad ALF with big black eyes and black hair lol

Q: Generally, people that work with their own body, exploring their own beauty, are not too much spiritualist. Is that your case?

A: I don't believe in god or other spiritual things, but I believe in emotions and in the holy nature. 

I believe in my friends and my family. 

I love to cry when I listen to music and write poems. 

I guess I am a very emotional woman and in a strange way very spiritual.

Q: What's TJ exactly? The initials of your first and last name, or something really catchy so you went along with it?

A: It's a little bit catchy.  

The first letter is for Takeru and the second is for Jazz.

It's a very long story. Everyone call me T.j. 

Takeru was my first big character love (it's TK from Digimon, the T.K was amazing for me and I had my first own fanfiction when I was a young girl.

The second one "Jazz" is very emotional for me... it's also the tattoo on my hips. He is my soulmate, my friend, my everything. 

I lost him in a srange way, but he is also now a book character from me. 

Really, it's an emotional thing.

Q: What are you thinking about when you model?

A: I guess it's different.

Sometimes it's hard and exhausting, but I try to feel the situation and the inner meaning. 

Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I am angry, sometimes I play another charater! (from a movie or a TV series or my own book) 

I try to make my own storys in my mind.

Q: Almost everyone has a special thing where they feel most at home, safe and loved. It could be a place, 

a person, a moment in time or anything. What's yours?

A: I love my bed!! And I love music. 

I love to cuddle and candles, but I don't like romantic things, hahaha strange I know! 

When I am coming home, I love it when my cats are sitting behind the door and wait for me.

Q: Do you ever travel for work? Where to? Where all have you been or want to go?

A: Yeah, sometimes. 

I traveled to belgium, netherlands, austria...

But maybe some day I will travel to the USA and other great countries as well! 

I love to work in france, there are many great photographers!

Q: You come across as very confident in yourself (to pose nude I guess you must have a certain level of confidence), 

but are you affected by the stereotypes in media? If yes, 

was is your strategy (if you have one) for coping, and if no, then what's the secret to ignoring what is output by the media?

A: That's a hard fact that our media is the reason for many health deseases. 

And I guess I am also a false idol! I show my body and many people will think "That must be a normal beautiful body!"

I hate shows like "Next Top Model" or many fashion shows on TV. It's wrong to show thin girls in this way. 

We need another imagination about what is normal and what is unhealthy! 

I am just a normal woman with my own problems and something I listen to all this crap. I try to ignore it, but it's not easy. 

Q: Has any book or movie made a major impact on you?

A: Oh yes. I like Irwine Welsh and Scott Heim.

My favorite book is Mysterious Skin, it's also my favorite movie.

Q: What do you find to be most annoying?

A: Earwigs, I hate earwigs!

And especially fanatical religious people! And prejudices!

Q: What kinds of food do you prefer? Do you like cooking?

A: NUTELLA!!!! I'm a good cook, but I don't like to cook!

Q: Do you have any dream shoots that you haven't done yet?

A: Yeah, I would like to work with Christopher McKenney and Marc Langrange!

Would like to try more arty things and crazy stuff!

Q: What is your fav animal? 

A: The fox :heart: 
I love it since I was a baby girl. 

And when I was very young, I collected snails in my pockets. 

I love also snails (I have four achatina) and rats!!!

Lone Gunmen Stamp by TheSylverLining
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I've lost in missed souls and over,
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I'll take them all in highly heaven,
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I want to breathe in every kiss,
And if you silent still - I'll miss...
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Tolle Bilder, sehr sinnlich und ausdruckstark!
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